Gas Grills

When it comes to new grill purchases, fewer and fewer people are choosing charcoal and instead going with gas. And it makes sense. Gas grills’ user-friendly attributes make it easy to get up and running, with no pre-heating, a quick start up and greater temperature control. Meats cook up juicier and veggies grill more evenly. Bonus: clean-up is a backyard breeze.

Pellet Grills

Pellet grills combine the best of both worlds, giving you the convenience of a gas grill with the outdoorsy appeal of cooking with wood. They produce less smoke than a traditional smoker, so the flavor enhancement is subtle, not overwhelming. Plus, indirect heat allows you to be more precise in regulating the temperature for easy, even cooking from dinner to desserts. Like a convection oven, but in the great outdoors.


So you’ve got a grill. But what about all the other good stuff? Grill accessories serve many purposes, from protecting your investment to adding functionality to simply helping you dish out the best a backyard meal can offer. Whether you’re looking for a convenient cover, some trusty tongs or even a motorized rotisserie grilling kit, if it’s great for your grill, you can find it here.

Replacement Parts

We always say Even Embers grills are built to be your last new grill. So in the event that you need to purchase a replacement part, we have everything you need in stock, from tiny single heat tent pins to whole new hoods. Casters, burners, grates, valves… the list goes on and on so your grill can, too.