A choice that's easy to stand behind

Gas Grills

Appliance-Grade Viewing Windows

With a window built right into the hood, you don’t lose heat from constantly opening and closing your grill. Instead, you can kick back with a cold one while you keep an eye on what’s hot.

Premium Corrosion-Resistant Materials

Your grill should be trusty, not rusty. We construct ours with materials that are corrosion-resistant so you can count on your grill’s durability. Because a durable grill is a long-lasting one.

Durable Stainless Steel Burners

You won’t just get long-lasting heat from high-quality burners protected by a best-in-class warranty. You also get ultimate control from our independent ignition system that lets you fire up exactly which burner or burners you need.

Solid Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Grates

Our heavy-duty grate options have something in common: extreme durability, so they’re built for even cooking and built to last. Throw in the top-notch sear marks and it totally seals the deal.